Where I Stand

Revitalizing Our Economy

• Decreasing personal taxes will create more individual wealth
• Decreasing business taxes will keep jobs in CT
• Cutting the gift and estate tax will keep retirees in-state
• Responsible reform of existing tax laws will continue to provide for public funding while keeping government accountable

Budget Deficit Reduction

• Spending tomorrow’s money to put off today’s problems is irresponsible government
• Borrowing our children’s future money robs their hope of prosperity
• Controlled government spending safeguards its citizens and strengthens the economy

Improving Roads, Highways, and Bridges

• Invest infrastructure funds based on need, not political expediency
• Make construction approval processes smoother and more efficient with less administrative hassle
• Collaboration between the state, banks, private businesses, and municipalities will increase the finances and decrease the timing of major construction projects

Our Environmental Stewardship

• Connecticut’s natural beauty is both a gift to, and the responsibility of, all its citizens
• Our natural resources are treasures to be protected and assets to be invested
• Extremism is as destructive to the economy as pollution is to the environment
• Economic strength and environmental health can both be achieved

Caring for Our Veterans

• Veterans and their families deserve the best healthcare our state can provide
• Veterans and their spouses deserve the best employment opportunities and benefits
• Veterans, their spouses, and their children deserve the best educational resources

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